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Small Business Saturday: a Day of Support and Exposure for Local Crafts and Enterprises

Small business Saturday is a day where small businesses benefit from customers that look to support their craft.

KFOX14 went around town and spoke with business owners about the impact of today’s day for small businesses.

From local markets to a family-owned brewery small business Saturday meant a lot for the family-owned businesses KFOX14 spoke with and they said it was a way for the community to get to know them more but also to give back.

“It’s wonderful it allows us to get out in the community, it allow folks to be able to shop local see what else is available,” Katy Colaso said.

Jonathan Mejia reports on small business Saturday benefiting El Pasoans

“It’s fabulous because it’s a way to get more exposure and we can grow.,” Adriana Gerena said.

For both Colaso and Gerena it was a day to showcase their talent and craft the 19th Annual Farmer’s Market at Ardovino’s Desert Crossing.

Colaso started selling earrings after she would make them for herself and people would ask her where she bought them.

“It allows you to give back to the community. It allows people to pursue their dreams to be artistic to be able to support their families,” Colaso said.

Gerena is a Colombian native and she sells hand-made products from indigenous women in Colombia and she said days like today is a big benefit for those workers who don’t get the recognition they deserve.

“It’s a big help because they are the ones that work the hardest and usually get paid the less,” Gerena said.

It wasn’t just artist who appreciated small business Saturday but so did this family-owned brewery in downtown El Paso who said their beer creation is like art.

“It’s that passion behind it that every brewer will tell you that’s mine. It’s like an artist who shows you their painting or a musician that shows you their song. It’s a brewer showing you their beer,” Sonny Saucedo, the Lead Brewer, said.

Craft beer at family-owned Craft Rhythm & Brews.

Saucedo and his parents opened Craft Rhythm and Brews during the pandemic. It was something that started small and has now taken off.

“It’s gotten to a point where other than making beer and serving it at the bar. We can our own beer and we can them fresh,” Saucedo said.

In addition to selling beers they sell merchandise like shirts and glass cups and art, everything at the brewery is made from El Paso.

Supporting these local breweries that are not owned by these big corporations that make tens of thousands of barrels and gallons a year. We’re all small businesses. We’re all trying to make it through,” Saucedo said.

Small business owners said it is important for the community to come out and support locally-owned businesses because they put in the passion and the attention to details that customers may not get from big corporations.

Source : KFOX14