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Hale County Sent Resources to Matador During Time of Need

When tragedy struck Matador last month, Hale County sent resources to help.  During a regular scheduled Hale County Commissioners meeting this week, it was noted that the county sent personnel to help with the cleanup and rescue efforts. 

“It changed the landscape of the community,” said Commissioner Benny Cantwell (precinct 4). 

The violent tornado that struck Matador on June 21 left four people dead, several injured and many displaced. Volunteers from across the region descended on Matador through the next several days to help where they could.

Cantwell said Hale County personnel were there by Friday. 

County Judge David Mull said Hale County Sheriff David Cochran called him the night the tornado struck to say some deputies would be heading out there to assist with search and rescue. 

“We spent about six hours down there,” Cochran said. 

Hale County’s efforts to help made it on the day’s agenda simply as an informative item. 

Prior to that discussion, Cochran presented an intergovernmental agreement with Garza County regarding housing inmates. The court unanimously approved the item to pay $62 per day should any Hale County inmates be sent to Garza County. 

Other items approved include: 

  • The 2024 Budget Calendar
  • Retirement of Roland Nash
  • Purchase of an air conditioner unit for the jail for $10,538
  • A contract for a TDCJ Inmate work crew between August to October 
  • Hiring of J. Lee Milligan to help haul rock from the Matador pit to County Road 20 for repaving – $54,000
  • Purchase of a chip spreader from Yellowhouse Machinery for the buy board price of $352,000
  • Replacement of AC units at the Tax Office and the Indigent Care/Veterans Building

Source : My Plain View