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Tesla Has Built ‘First Cybertruck’ at Giga Texas

Tesla announced that it has built the “first Cybertruck” at Gigafactory Texas. Is the electric pickup truck ahead of schedule?

Tesla’s latest official comment on the timeline for the Cybertruck was that production would start “this summer” and it is planning a delivery event “around the end of Q3,” which would mean around the end of September 2023.

Electrek recently reported that Tesla told suppliers to be ready for Cybertruck release candidates in late August and production in early October.

Now Tesla has announced on Twitter that the “first Cybertruck” has been “built’ at Gigafactory Texas:

That’s likely a “production intent” unit built on the production line and it would put Tesla ahead of the schedule given to suppliers earlier this year.

Does that mean deliveries are going to start sooner than anticipated? Does it mean that we will finally get the final specs and pricing on the Cybertruck?

I wouldn’t bet on that. While it does appear that Tesla might be a bit ahead of schedule, with the official timeline of the delivery event being in late September, Tesla is likely better off fine tunning the production and supply chain to set itself off for a smoother ramp.

Either way, it should still be able to deliver all that is deliverable by the end of the quarter at the previously mentioned delivery event.

As for the specs and pricing, Tesla hasn’t updated those since the launch of the prototype in 2019. Elon Musk has linked an update on that only at the delivery event, which means deliveries will likely be only for employees and Tesla insiders.

It looks like we should have an interesting end of the quarter in the Tesla universe.

Source : Electrek