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Woman Returning From Taylor Swift Concert Sexually Assaulted On Flight

A woman in the US Delta Air Lines has alleged that she was sexually assaulted by one of the company’s mechanics during a flight. The victim, who had attended a Taylor Swift concert in Arizona’s Phoenix and was flying back to Washington’s Seattle, was allegedly assaulted onboard, as reported in a press release from Mark Lindquist Law, the firm representing her.

The now-former Delta employee Duane Brick, 53, has pleaded guilty to abusive sexual contact, confessing to harassment committed against a sleeping woman seated beside him during a 2023 flight. 

Reports from the US Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Washington reveal disturbing details of Mr Brick’s misconduct, including placing the victim’s hand on his crotch and groping her breast while she was sleeping. During the flight, the victim reportedly smelled alcohol in his breath before she fell asleep, only to awaken to the disturbing violation. 

He “reached under the woman’s shirt and touched her breast. He admits he did it for his sexual gratification,” the attorney’s office said in a statement. “After the victim woke up and realized she was being sexually assaulted, Mr Brick went to the restroom. He was visibly intoxicated and left behind empty airline alcohol bottles.”

Both the victim and a witness immediately reported the assault to flight attendants, but it wasn’t until 15 minutes later that the cabin crew took action and relocated Mr Brick to another seat. He now faces a potential prison sentence of up to two years. 

The victim has accused Delta and Mr Brick of gross negligence, assault, and battery. The lawsuit stated, “As a common carrier, Delta owes the highest duty of care and has a legal duty to provide airline passengers, including the Plaintiff, with a safe flight that is free from unauthorized and abusive sexual contact from other passengers, including from Delta’s own employees.” They alleged that the airlines “overserved alcohol to Mr Brick, failed to adequately train employees on how to prevent and address sexual assaults, and failed to properly monitor the cabin and protect passengers.”

“Everyone should feel safe to fall asleep on a plane without the risk of being groped and sexually assaulted,” the attorney said. “Airlines can and should do more to stop these gross violations.”

A representative of Delta Air Lines said in a statement to Newsweek, “Delta will decline to comment on pending litigation. Delta has zero tolerance for unlawful conduct and will work with law enforcement entities to that end.”

Source: NDTV