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Regular Council Meeting Attendee Irked by Speakers’ Lack of Civility

At last week’s (Nov. 7) Killeen City Council meeting, I was optimistic that the recent attention brought to light about the often rude behavior at council meetings was paying off.

The the Citizen Comments portion of the meeting, each speaker spoke in a respectful manner to the council.

No, I didn’t agree with anything that was said, but that’s not important.

Being civil while exercisinig your right to freedom of speech, is.

We all have the right to address our government. The manner in which we do so will determine if anyone will listen.

As the meeting progressed, I found myself smiling more than I have in a long time. City staff reported on many updates to long-awaited projects in our city.

By the end of the meeting, the mayor and mayor pro tem were visibly excited about all that was happening in our city, and rightfully so.

Their excitement was contagious. I couldn’t help but think that all council meetings should be like this.

Fast-forward to this week’s (Nov. 14) council meeting and it becomes very clear that civility, decency and common sense are pretty much dead.

In attempt to have City Manager Kent Cagle removed, several Killeen residents validated everything I said in an earlier letter, everything I said at my Citizens Petition. Thank you. My work is done. You have shown everyone what petty people you are.

People who aren’t happy unless they run their mouths, putting others down to feel better about their own shortcomings.

Thanks to the mayor, mayor pro tem, council members and Mr. Don Smith for standing by Mr. Cagle.

Killeen City Manager Kent Cagle is here to stay. End of discussion.

Source : KD News