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Miranda Lambert Reveals How She Won Over Her Husband: ‘The Meal That Gets The Ring’

Miranda Lambert has a recipe for marital success with her husband.

“I think the first big meal I made for him was mom’s famous meatloaf,” the country singer said in an interview with Fox News Digital. “That’s the one everyone brings a man home to mom for or calls and asks how to make when things are getting serious.

“We joke that it’s the meal that gets the ring, and it’s worked for many of us.”

Lambert did get the ring with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, a retired NYPD officer, in 2019. The “Tin Man” singer was previously married to Blake Shelton.

Lambert happily shares “Bev’s Famous Meatloaf” and more recipes in her new cookbook, “Ya’ll Eat Yet: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen.”

Featuring recipes and reflections on Lambert’s life, it’s the first book from the three-time Grammy winner.

“This book is permission to be imperfect. It’s a reminder to slow down and spend quality time with the people in your life and to really cherish the memories you make with them,” Lambert said.

“These recipes are all really approachable because it should be more about the time you spend around the table together and less about spending hours and hours in the kitchen to make a picture-perfect meal.”

The “Little Red Wagon” singer also detailed some of her “Trashy-Ho” bridal showers in the book.

“That party was the perfect summary of what this whole book is about. Forget the Pinterest-perfect decorations and having to feel all buttoned-up for a formal party . … Embrace a theme, go over the top and focus on having a great time with the important people in your life.” 

Lambert’s music career kicked off in 2003 after she appeared on “Nashville Star” and has been on a near non-stop rise ever since with Grammy Awards, chart-topping songs, a Las Vegas residency and the honor of being the Academy of Country Music’s most-awarded artist and entertainer of the year.

With all the success, the 39-year-old looks to her Texas roots to keep her grounded.

“My brother and I had the typical small-town, Texas upbringing — church on Sundays, high school football on Friday nights,” Lambert said. “Our parents worked really hard, and my mom always made things feel special even when we didn’t have much.

“I think that upbringing and our community of family and friends has been really important in keeping me grounded through all the craziness of this business.”

Family was also a primary inspiration in creating the book. Lambert credits her grandma, aka “Nonny,” Wanda Louise Coker, for her love of cooking.

But it’s her mother, Beverly June Lambert, and family friends Heidi, Vicki and Denise (“Neicy”), who helped continue the tradition.

“They were like aunts to me who all really helped raise me and taught me about being a woman,” she said. “How to carry myself and how to make a house a home, especially in the kitchen.” 

In fact, the time spent in the kitchen with her mom and “aunts” helped Lambert in her early songwriting career.

“So much of my music has been inspired by stories told over food. Especially when I first started writing songs,” the “Kerosene” singer said. 

“I was 17 and hadn’t lived much life to write about yet, so I pulled from a lot of what I learned from this strong group of women and the stories they shared around the table,” Lambert said. “Whether celebrating the best days of our lives or supporting each other through the hardest days, food is usually involved, and those times are usually the ones that inspire songs.”

She also hopes the inspiring stories and recipes from the women in her life can help others.

“My parents were both private investigators when I was young, and a lot of times there would be women and children who stayed with us while they got back on their feet,” Lambert recalled. 

“It showed me the importance of supporting one another — especially as women — and that the world isn’t all sunshine and roses. I think that was a really important perspective to carry with me as I was getting my start as an artist.”

As much as Lambert loves cooking, she knows when to step back.

“I don’t cook when the queens are in the kitchen. They’re the experts,” she said laughingly. “I stay in my lane and make the cocktails when my mom and her friends are cooking.”   

Lambert revealed she also loves to offer up appetizers when she’s cooking.

“I feel like you can never go wrong with a dip or a charcuterie board, whether you’re hosting or going over to someone else’s house. Same with cocktails.”

And her husband likes to get into the kitchen from time to time to make his favorite meal from the cookbook, her mom’s friend Neicy’s gumbo.

“He’s perfected that himself,” the singer said. “Cajun cooking was definitely new to him, but he and Neicy really bonded, and he’s got the gumbo down now.”

“Ya’ll Eat Yet: Welcome to the Pretty B*tchin’ Kitchen” is available now. 

Lambert will perform at the Academy of Country Music Awards May 11.

Source: Fox News