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Local Food Bank Doing Their Part to Address Food Insecurity During Hunger Action Month

ODESSA, Texas — Whenever Hunger Action Month comes around the West Texas Food Bank make it a goal to go above and beyond in their mission. That means their workload picks up dramatically.

“I’d say day-to-day operations is a little different during Hunger Action Month just in the sense that we’re more out in the community as an entire team supporting Hunger Action Month,” said Hallie Oden, Volunteer Coordinator at the West Texas Food Bank. “We obviously still do our outreaches, we still do our in-house pantry, our agencies, everything is still taking place as normal. We’re just out there more spreading awareness during this month.” 

But the food bank doesn’t mind the extra work at all.

In fact, they welcome it with open arms.

They know that they have the community’s support, and they wouldn’t be able to do what they can without them.

“We’re so grateful here at the West Texas Food Bank for all of our donors and supporters that have helped us get such a great facility to help support the food insecurity in West Texas,” Oden continued. “Without them, we wouldn’t have it, so it really just highlights, and we are so grateful and appreciative for everyone that helps us here.”

One of the ways in which they’re working to help the community is by putting on a competition called the Boomtown Showdown, which has them partnering up with local oil and gas companies by having them fill boxes for the food bank.

“So Boomtown Showdown is really just a way for us to get the big companies involved here in Odessa and Midland and the Permian Basin all together,” Oden added. “We really just want everyone to come out and show their support for the food bank. While there is a trophy for the oil company that does the best, it’s really just about them supporting us here in West Texas at the food bank, building boxes for us.”

Source : News West9