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How a Texas Teacher Helped Students Use Their Imaginations to Take Flight

Dallas, Texas — At the Trinity Leadership School near Dallas, Texas, Sonja White’s first graders are still flying high, reliving their amazing one-day field trip to Mexico.

“It was my first time on a plane,” one student told CBS News.

How could a school afford such a trip?  What kind of teacher does it take to fly a class of first graders south of the border for a day?

A very clever one. Because, in fact, the students did not actually board a flight to Mexico at all.

Instead, the “trip” was a testament to the power of imagination, and the magic teachers have to harness it.

After White’s students told her their one wish was to fly on a plane, she went full throttle on the pretend: She created travel documents for each child, and then boarded them on their imaginary flight, in the classroom.

“We had a little turbulence,” one student said. 

“Well, it did not scare me,” added another. 

“But my friend Lorenzo had a rough landing,” said a third. 

“One of my students saw somebody that night and they said, ‘What are you doing here, I thought you were in Mexico?'” White told CBS News. “And he said, ‘Yeah, we were, we got back at three.’  And that’s when I was like, they really think we went to Mexico.”

Teachers everywhere could use more resources, but the best always seem to figure out a way to take kids places, often, without so much as a bus ride.

Source : CBS News