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‘Haley’ Needs Help, a Home

LOWVILLE, New York (WWNY) – ‘Haley’ is a familiar face in Lewis County. Now, the 19 year old Clydesdale horse needs a new home.

‘Haley’ has made appearances at the Lewis County fair, and at BOCES for its veterinary program.

But ‘Haley’ has heaves – essentially, asthma for horses – and other health issues, and needs to be on a pasture.

She’s at Hyder Rock Ranch now, but the ranch doesn’t have enough land for her needs, they are looking to buy at least five acres.

Mickey Dietrich, owner of Hyder Rock, wants to keep ‘Haley’ close to Lewis County.

“We always envisioned that we’d be her forever home. One of the reasons to keep her close to here, is that we use her for educational purposes and stuff. We’d lose a big component of what we do and what we enjoy doing,” he said.

Dietrich says if they can’t find land for Haley locally, they will likely send her to a rescue.

Source : WWNYTV