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Friends, Colleagues Remember Officer Garrett Crumby

Hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the state gathered to honor fallen Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby. That’s just one more example of how deep the thin blue line runs.

Streets were blocked, school pick ups were delayed, and people from different walks of life gathered along the procession route to welcome fallen Officer Garrett Crumby home. WVUA 23 News spoke with several brothers in blue and brown who have a collective message to their fallen hero, “Rest easy. We’ll take it from here.”

“It is a very big wake up call for you and all the officers who it could be their last day at work,” Tuscaloosa County Sheriff Ron Abernathy said. “I just can’t say how sorry I am for his family and what they are going through and the sacrifice he has made for his community. He is a true hero.”

“I would say to the entire community of Huntsville, the Huntsville City Police Department and the families of the officers effected are very saddened for your loss,” Pickens County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Chief James Young said.

“We are family regardless of where you work, what agency you work for, we’re all a family,” Hale County Sheriff Michael Hamilton said. “It has the same effect as losing a family member. It is painful. No one wants to go through it. I has a major effect on you.”

Crumby’s final resting place is at Tuscaloosa Memorial Park and Chapel.

Source: W Vua23