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Elon Musk’s Bastrop ‘Town’ Gets Bodega, Salon

Elon Musk’s new “town” in Bastrop County for employees of two of his companies now has a bodega, salon, and pub coming soon. 

The Boring Company partnered with Lennar Corp., one of the nation’s largest homebuilders, in 2022 to build 110 subdivisions in a project codenamed “Project Amazing.” The Wall Street Journal reported in March that Musk was planning to create a town near a SpaceX industrial site and the Boring Company’s  Bastrop headquarters. 

Musk posted to his platform X, formerly Twitter, after the WSJ article was published, calling it “false.” 

Hyperloop Plaza, near Space X and the new development, now has several amenities, which are reportedly open to the public, and merchandising branding the community space.

The Bastrop community has had a mixed reaction to Musk’s presence in the low-key Austin suburb. Much of the concern from the community has to do with Musk’s Boring Company’s handling of wastewater.

In April, the Boring Co. received three violations — two moderate and one minor — from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for the Bastrop facility.The violations were for “failure to design, install, and maintain effective erosion controls and sediment controls to minimize the discharge of pollutants,” “failure to post a TCEQ Large Construction Site Notice in a location where it could easily be seen by the general public, local, state, and federal authorities” and “failure to provide knowledgeable personnel to conduct site inspections.”

Source : KXAN