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6 Foods That Could Be in Short Supply in the United States by 2023

The US faced some food shortages last year, and the same thing can happen again this year. Here are six foods that could be in short supply in 2023.

2022 was characterized as a year in which Americans faced food shortages, with eggs and baby formula being the most affected products.

Although those days seem far away now, in 2023 it appears that the outlook will not be much different. According to a report by Go Banking Rates, in the coming months, the US could face a new food shortage.

Here is a list of products that could see price increases after they fly off the shelves, according to the financial portal.

6 foods that could be in short supply in the United States by 2023


For a long time, Ukraine was positioned as the top corn producer. However, the war with Russia has reduced its production which has begun to affect the market.

A shortage of corn would mean a big problem considering that it is a basic resource for the creation of many other products, including cereals, fried foods, tortillas, and even soft drinks.


Bread production could also be affected by the war between Russia and Ukraine. According to Go Banking Rates, both countries account for 20 percent of world cereal grain production.

Vegetable oil

Following Indonesia’s decision to halt the export of palm oil coupled with droughts around the world, the production of various vegetable oils could be affected in the coming months.

Baby formula

The shortage of baby formula has not been fully resolved. According to information provided by Enfamil, the largest producer of formula, per Reuters, replenishment will take much of 2023, which means shortages will continue.


In recent months there has been a considerable increase in the demand for champagne, complicating the work of producers to maintain the supply. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, champagne sales increased more than 64% in the United States.

Canned pet food

Buyers of canned pet food could be hit in 2023 by a shortage of aluminum, making it harder to get hold of.

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